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The noble concrete block has served America well for decades. But its time has past.


America's been building with Concrete Masonry Units for 150 years. Just because it's old technology, it doesn't mean it's bad. But hey, we don't play football with leather helmets anymore...

Here's a typical Concrete Masonry Unit wall section. This is the type of wall usually used for K-12 buildings, hotels, offices -- pretty much every kind of commercial building has been done this way. It's a basic component of commercial construction in America.


Now let's think about what it takes to accomplish this very standard wall.

Once the excavation's done, the concrete contractor brings in his crew and they form, pour and insulate the footings and slabs.

Next, the steel guy comes in and spends a couple of weeks putting up the structural steel frame.

When the steel's up, the block masons come in and spend a few more weeks laying concrete block, setting the rebar and packing the cores of the CMU with grout. They've got swarms of laborers and equipment all over the jobsite. Tons of CMU block is stacked on scaffolding. It's hard, dangerous work.

After the block masons finally finish up, the insulation sub comes in and applies the rigid EPS foam insulation to the CMU exterior. 

Then the framers come in to start building the interior stud wall and filling the cavities with fiberglass or mineral wool batt insulation. 

Now, how would it be if the first subcontractor -- the concrete contractor -- replaced all those other subs and all that time. With the Polycrete Big Block ICF System, all those other subcontractors go away.

One subcontractor handles the footings, slabs, structural walls and insulation all in one step. Framing is eliminated altogether. Best of all, it gets done at the rate of 20 square feet per man hour, start to finish. 

One sub to manage instead of five. Your walls are up in a fraction of the time. That's how Polycrete Big Block is different from Reinforced Masonry.


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